Bringing qualified buyers to the door is the first step in a successful marketing program for a property.

Pre-qualifying buyer prospects is important regardless of price range but I most certainly recommend to upper-tier seller clients that a buyer prospect’s ability to purchase be confirmed before a viewing opportunity of their property is provided. Often this can be solved by buyer prospects obtaining a pre-approval for their mortgage or as outlined below:

If you who wish to purchase with a loan:

To ensure that I can show you all the homes that you’ll want  – and need – to see before making a smart buying decision, and to maximixe your negotiation power, you will need to get pre-approved for a loan. A pre-approval commitment with the right lender is a powerful negotiating tool.

If you are planning to purchase with cash:

Simply have your banker, broker, or other financial institution provide a standard letter of financial introduction which verifies that you have the necessary assets sufficient to purchase in the price range in which you are interested.